"I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full."

(John 10:10)


Smile Day

4 October 2019

House Activity

17-18 October 2019

Lunchtime Concert

25 October 2019

Students had a mission on 4th October: to make people smile! They took the “Smile Challenges” and if an student ambassador caught them smiling, they would receive a smiley sticker! Some of their Smile challenges were as follows:

- smile at a stranger

- ask someone new to play

- give someone a compliment

- tell someone a funny joke

The four Houses were competing with each other in the “3-Point Champion” and the “Penalty Guru” on 17th and 18th October 2019. Our special goal keeper, Mr. Moore, had some very difficult time to defend his goal!!

Our first lunchtime concert of the year was successfully held on 25th October. Many students came to enjoy the performances by their follow schoolmates. Performers included: 6 Faith Charles Lee, 4 Faith Marcus Yeung, 5 Hope Elizabeth Digmanese, 2 Love Kaylie Pan, 5 Love Grace Digmanese and 4 Love Alton Ko.




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