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San Wui Commercial Society YMCA of Hong Kong Christian School (SWYHKCS) is a private primary school established in 2013 on the foundation of Christian beliefs and values. We are dedicated to promoting a holistic, student-centred education and providing an international learning environment to equip students with a global mindset and excellent language skills.  It is a joint project between the San Wui Commercial Society and the YMCA of Hong Kong. The school is newly-renovated on a campus built in 1950s, and is the result of a shared dream by a group of passionate educators that has come to life and evolved into a dynamic international learning environment. The school has around 30%-40% international students from more than 25 countries worldwide and they enrich our community with their own country’s history, culture and diversity. Our diverse community and environment enables all students to become confident, happy and responsible citizens who will thrive in a globalised world.

2013 1st day School
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