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School Vision

It is our vision to be a child-friendly, and unique learning community in Hong Kong where young people are nurtured in a Christian environment and equipped to contribute as responsible global citizens.

School Mission

The following statement of values is designed to give students a clear objective of the fundamental principles of our values. The school has and will continue to successfully instil these values and create an excellent school ethos that is shared by our students, parents and teachers.

  • We cherish our strong values and sense of the community.

  • We value each and every member of the community equally and treat everyone fairly and justly.

  • We are stronger together and we understand that as a community we have the power to bring great joy and happiness to all members of our school and society.

  • We understand our responsibility to others when people face troubles and difficulties.

  • We will always support those who are sad and unhappy and we do our best to put a smile on people’s faces.

  • We believe in working to be a force for good in society and to protect God’s creations.

  • We respect our planet, we are ecological, we do not litter, we do not waste, and we maintain a clean and healthy environment for all.

  • We participate and raise funds to support members of society in need to ensure a better life for those less fortunate.

  • We are honest and do not lie.

  • We recognize our personal responsibility to fulfil our personal, social and academic potential.

  • We are role models and ensure that our words and actions are consistent.

  • We are true to our word and support the school’s mission and values.

  • We celebrate and respect our diversity and differences.

  • We promote equality of race, religion and culture.

  • We respect each other’s point of view, opinions, beliefs and differences.

  • We don’t hold grudges and we always forgive.

  • We value and enjoy the learning process and we always try our best.

  • We work hard and strive for success.

  • We see mistakes as opportunities to learn, develop and reach our best potential.

  • We have a Growth Mind-set.

  • We care for each other in practical ways.

  • We are kind and helpful and we don’t hurt other people’s feelings.

  • We work and play together and look after each other.

  • We serve our community to support those in need. We give our time, our energy and love to the community and strive to make our society a better place for all.

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