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Krystal Leung

Head of School Administration Maths Coordinator

BSocSci (Hons), PGDE, MAELS, M.Ed., Prof. Dip. (ECA Mgt.)

Ms. Leung earned a few professional education qualifications. She has her Postgraduate Diploma in Education. Recently, she earned a Professional Diploma Programme in Management of Student Activities and Master in Education.

Ms. Leung worked in a private school and a well-known "through-train" Direct Subsidy Scheme School where she gained experiences in different curricula as well as different teaching strategies.

Ms. Leung served as vice-panel head, subject coordinator and ECA Coordinator. She has taught years 1 - 6.

Ms. Leung helps NGOs in various position. Through these experience, she believes that children are good at something. As an educator, providing more opportunities for children in academic and non-academic areas is so important to nuture our future leaders.

Krystal Leung
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