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Belle Lau

Head of Alternative Chinese


Ms. Lau is originally from Fujian province in China. She has taught in two different local schools, a DSS and an aided school, before teaching in our school. she joined CS in 2014, and has taught years 1 to 6 Alternative Chinese.

Passion and motivation in learning a language is a key ingredient for success. Ms. Lau has obtained a Master’s Degree, Bachelor’s Degree, PGDE, LPAT and PSC. As English is her fourth language, she is well aware of the difficulties and challenges of learning new languages. Her lessons are innovative and interactive, meaning students enjoy her lessons, and always learn to the best of their ability.

She had done voluntary charity work in Mongolia and China, and travels extensively in Europe and Asia.

我出生于中国福建省,曾在两所不同的本地学校(直资及津贴学校)任教过。 我于二零一四年加入基信学校,任教一至六年级的国际汉语班。

学习语言的热情和动力是成功的关键因素。 我持有硕士学位、学士学位及教育文凭,通过教师语文能力评核和国家语委会普通话水平测试。 英语是我的第四语言,我深知学习外语的困难和挑战,也主张透过互动及创新的活动教学法,促进非华语学生积极投入课堂活动及愉快学习中文。


Belle Lau
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