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Simon Yim

PE Coordinator
ECA Coordinator

British Gymnastics (BAGA)- Trampoline Teachers Certificate (Level 1&2)
International Rugby Board- Referee (Level 1)
International Rugby Board- Coach (Level 1.5)
The English Football Associations- Coach (Level 1)
Emergency Care Training- First Aid certificate
Physical Fitness Instructor Certificate (ACESS)
Sports climbing certificate (Level 1)

Mr. Yim earned his PGDE in Physical Education, M.Ed. in Physical Education & Sport Science.

Mr. Yim has coaching experience in many different sports such as Football, Rugby, Sports Climbing & Gymnastic etc. He has worked in different international schools and now serving the school for 6 years as Head of PE & ECA.

Mr. Yim believes that teaching is not just a simple vehicle to deliver materials but to nurture the next generation and sports are critical in holistic development, teamwork and perseverance are essential components in any development.

Simon Yim
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