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Teaching Philosophy

The school offers its students extensive opportunities to discover and develop their gifts and talents in both academic studies and extracurricular activities. Our teaching approaches put the student at the centre of the learning process. We aim to provide student-centred learning and teaching experiences which actively engage students in developing their understanding.

We offer a 6-year school-based curriculum across two Key Stages, featuring the strengths of the English National Curriculum and Hong Kong Chinese Language and Mathematics. The holistic and well-balanced curriculum in the school nurtures students’ curiosity, initiative, engagement, persistence and creativity with emphasis on social, emotional, physical & health development and progress.

Curricula Principles 

The curricula are delivered within a framework of the school’s values, vision and mission and taught with respect to the educational principles of providing breath, balance, continuity and relevance within a local and international context. 

In addition, with the combination of the strengths of two diverse curricula, the school and the teachers do not only focus on the best pedagogical approach to teaching each subject, but also benchmark and track students’ progress in relation to both local and UK standards. 

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