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A Well-Qualified and Dedicated Teaching Team


We have an exceptional and highly qualified teaching team who are dedicated to supporting our students. Our teachers are all university graduates and many have master’s degrees. Our educational assistants are also aspiring teachers who are currently studying, or have already completed, PGDEs in Maths, Chinese, English or SEN. 78% of our teachers are from overseas including the UK, Canada, US, Ireland, Spain, Australia, Korea, Taiwan and China. 

We, as a school have a belief in ‘lifelong learning’. We provide comprehensive support for professional development so our teachers can continuously upgrade their professional skills in the classroom, but also develop their support to cater for diverse learning, emotional and physical needs. 

We are fortunate enough to boast an excellent teacher/student ratio of approximately 1:7.5.

We have such trust in our teachers that we always welcome prospective parents to have a school tour and see teachers and students in action.

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