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Community Service, Charity and Spirit 

Two of our key values are Christian Faith and Caring and Serve with Love. We believe that living out these values in practical and continuous ways is the only way to build a true community and be true to our school’s mission and values. Our Christian faith and caring community ensures we take a whole school approach to educating students on global issues, social responsibility and the importance of building student values, awareness, understanding, empathy and develop the skills to help others. 

Educational Events 

  • Anti-Bullying Week 

  • Cleanliness Campaign

  • Enterprise Week 

  • Green Day

  • International Charity Day

  • International Women’s Day

  • Kindness Calendar 

  • Kindness Day 

  • Smile Day

  • World Animal Day

  • World Cleanup Day

  • World Habitat Day 

  • World Mental Health Day

  • World Post day 

Student Action
Community Service Club

  • Charity Walks 

  • Christmas Present Donation – Lower Income Families

  • Community Kitchen 

  • Community Service 

  • Elderly Visits 

  • Flag Selling (Supporting NAAC & RCHKCN)

  • Food Donation

  • School Cleanliness Campaign 

  • Student Play Leaders to Support Students

Kindness Club

  • Operation Candy Cane – Our students prepare Christmas presents for Hong Kong’s homeless at Christmas spreading love and providing necessities to prepare for life on the streets and the incoming cold weather.


Charity Partnerships

  • International Charity Day – Raising money to support the homeless in Hong Kong with ImpactHK.

  • Watoto Concert – The school hosts concerts to raise money to support education in Uganda. Many students, parents and teachers sponsor children and raise money to support the cause.

  • The Neighbourhood Advice-Action Council (NAAC) – The school supports NAAC events to support low income families.

  • Nehemiah House – The school supports Christ for Asia’s School for the homeless in the Philippines. 

  • Enterprise Weeks/Whole School Topic – Student’s raise moneyfor a charity of their choice. 

  • The school also endeavours to continue to support the following student chosen charities: Changing Young Lives Foundation, Hong Kong Dog Rescue, Plastic Free Seas and ImpactHK etc.

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