Mr. Thomas Crawford Moore
BA Hons, PGDE 

Mr. Thomas Moore grew up in Winchester, UK and is a long serving school leader who has a wealth of experience in English, French, Maths, Sports and Art education. Graduating from University in Hong Kong, Lyon, France and London, England in Languages, Linguistics and History of Art he has a diverse international experience and a great interest and understanding of teaching and learning in diverse environments.
With 15 years of experience in Primary and Secondary education he has taught and led a wide range of subjects with very successful public exam results at A-Level, DSE & IGCSE. His career then developed into Assistant Principal in charge of student discipline and guidance where he found a true passion for pastoral care and student well-being. He has also spent the last 12 years developing school ethos and value education for students at YHKCC and SWYHKCS. 

Since arriving at SWYHKCS Mr. Moore is focused on using his experience to develop a great sense of community, whereby students, teachers and parents all work together to achieve a common goal. As the school grows, he will continue to develop the excellent student leadership, service to the community and charity to ensure students develop into socially aware, responsible and caring citizens of the future. 


In addition to providing a harmonious, safe, secure and socially aware school atmosphere, Mr. Moore also promotes and puts great emphasis on language acquisition. In promoting Chinese, English and Spanish to add further to the language attributes of our already multilingual students, he believes that language can build confidence and leads to a better understanding of culture and the world around us. 

Mr. Moore believes in holistic education and the importance of sport, extra curricular activities and the development of interests outside the classroom. He is lucky to have a school that offers such an array of activities, ECA, events, teams and clubs to promote learning outside the classroom. Mr. Moore puts much importance on the many skills developed through sport and activities as he has benefited hugely from his own sports experiences; Mr Moore has represented Hong Kong National Hockey team in the World League, Asia Cup, Indoor World cup and has played Premier League Hockey in France, England and Hong Kong since the age of 18. 

Mr. Moore’s diverse experience will enrich and unite the school community, and he is passionate, positive and excited by the prospect of continuing to work closely with parents, students and teachers to build SWYHKCS into a formidable educational institution.