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A Path to Further Education

With such a diverse student body our students pursue many different paths after Primary School. Some of our students have gone to top schools overseas in Canada, Australia, US and UK etc. but currently the majority of our students have remained in Hong Kong where they have many future options.

YMCA of Hong Kong Christian College (YHKCC)

The majority of our students that stay in Hong Kong continue their education in our excellent and competitive secondary school YHKCC. YHKCC offers a successful combination of Local and International curricula where students pursue either UK A-Levels & IGCSEs or HKDSE.

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International Schools

With the competitive and advanced combination of our local and international school curricula, many students also transfer to other reputable International schools where, due to their strong foundation in languages and Maths, they can also excel.


Local Schools & DSS Schools

As we prepare our students for local and international secondary schools, we also have a few students that graduate to local schools or other DSS schools in Hong Kong.


Advice and Support

In Hong Kong and abroad there are many school options for students and the school endeavours to support families to make the best choices and most appropriate choices based on the needs and the interests of the students.

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