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Admission Requirements

Students usually start Year 1 in SWYHKCS in the year they turn 6 or after they have completed K3.



All students must have approval from the Hong Kong Immigration Department to enter, remain and study in Hong Kong.



Immediate Student Places

From time to time immediate or expected student places may become available in various year groups. Parents can submit the applications anytime throughout the year if they are interested in joining SWYHKCS.



Admission Criteria and Priority

All applicants are expected to attend the admission interview. The purpose of the admission interview is for students to demonstrate sufficient English language skills so that they can benefit from our English-medium learning environment. Criteria for admission is as follows:

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Skills

  • Learning Attitude

  • Communication Skills

Applicants whose choice of language is “Native Chinese” or “Near Native Chinese” are required to take the Chinese Language Competency Assessment at the admission interview. However, the Competency Assessment will not form part of the admission criteria but provide information if the applicants are suitable to take the language course.

Priority for admission will be based on the following criteria:

  1. The children of full-time staff at SWYHKCS, YHKCC and CIKG;

  2. The siblings of students already attending SWYHKCS, YHKCC and CIKG;

  3. Children attending YMCA of Hong Kong Christian International Kindergartens;

  4. Other applicants who can benefit from our unique English-medium learning environment combining the Hong Kong local and British curricula.

Date of Birth
Year Level
1st Jan 2017 – 31st Dec 2017
Year 1
1st Jan 2016 – 31st Dec 2016
Year 2
1st Jan 2015 – 31st Dec 2015
Year 3
1st Jan 2014 – 31st Dec 2014
Year 4
1st Jan 2013 – 31st Dec 2013
Year 5
1st Jan 2012 – 31st Dec 2012
Year 6
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